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Magnum Spill Buster Oil Recovery System

Item No: CE-90000-001

The Magnum Spill Buster™ is an automated free phase petroleum contamination pumping system. It is specifically designed to remove LNAPL petroleum product from the water table via a 2" or larger diameter well. Its unique auto-seeking device allows the pump intake to automatically follow the elevation of the oil/water interface as it fluctuates throughout the entire length of the well. 
The Magnum Spill Buster™ will not pump any amount of water. The system can be wired to 115 V AC or 230 V AC power or is capable of true 24 V DC deep cycle battery/solar panel operation for remote site locations.

The Complete Magnum Spill Buster™ System includes: 
• Magnum Spill Buster™ Control Box
• Magnum Spill Buster™ Probe with 50' cable
• Auto Seeker with 30' cable set
• Recovery Tank Overflow Sensor with 30' cable and Recovery Tank bung
• 50' nylon NAPL discharge tubing.

Input Power: 115 V AC or 230 V AC, 100 Watts max. or 24 V DC, 75 watts max. with optional battery cable and deep discharge batteries.
Viscosity Ranges:
Standard Pump - 0 to 10 cp at 70°F - Optional Medium Viscosity Pump - Up to 25 cp
Pumping Rate: Up to 45 GPH (171 LPH) @ 0 psi (Zero depth and no discharge back pressure.) or Up to 15 GPH (57 LPH) @ 50 psi (50' deep and 25 psi discharge back pressure.)
Standard Well Depth:
50' max.
Maximum Well Depth:
150' on special order with 150' down-well cable.
Minimum Well Head Clearance for AUTO SEEKER:
24" x 24" x 22" deep
Probe Dimensions:
1.9" dia. x 16" long (cable dia. including the discharge tube is 0.5") Standard Probe cable length is 50'.
Control Box Dimensions:
14" wide x 19" high x 6" deep. An additional 10" is required below for cable exit and an additional 14" is required in front and to the left for door swing.
Standard Cable Length:
30' from Control Box to well head
LNAPL Recovery Tank Overflow Sensor: Threads into a standard 2" barrel bung. Standard cable length is 30'.
CE-90000-001: Non Explosion Proof Model
CE-90000-003: Explosion Proof Model

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