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Solinst Inertial Pump Model 404

Item No: Model 404

The Inertial Pump is a simple, reliable inertial pump that provides a cost
effective sampling option for groundwater monitoring.

The Pump consists of a riser tube fitted with a one-way footvalve. It
can be easily operated manually at shallow depths, or by using a surface
pumping mechanism. The tubing and footvalves come in a range of sizes
suitable for most well diameters and sampling applications. A 1/4" (6 mm)
Mini Inertial Pump is available for sampling inside CMT Multilevel Systems
(See Solinst Model 403 Data Sheet.)

The Inertial Pump is a simple alternative to using a bailer. Like a bailer, the
key part is the check ball which is located in the foot of the pump. As such, the
Inertial Pump is often referred to as a ‘footvalve’.

To obtain a sample, hand-thread a footvalve onto the tubing, and then lower
to the desired depth in a well or borehole. Repeatedly lower and raise the
assembled tubing and footvalve approximately 6" - 12" (15 - 30 cm). A slug of
water enters the tubing on the downward stroke and is retained, as the
valve closes, on the upward stroke. This enables the water to gradually rise
in the tubing and discharge at surface. It is very easy to operate the pump by
hand, but if preferred, surface pumping mechanisms powered manually,
or by gasoline or electricity are available.

• Easily operated by hand
• Ideal for well development
• Operates to 200+ ft. (60+ m)
• For 0.4" - 6" ID wells (12 mm - 150 mm)
• Efficient purging rates, and high quality samples
• Essentially maintenance free

Ideal for Dedication
• Low cost
• Avoids cross-well contamination
• Eliminates repeated pump decontamination
• Avoids costly field and wash blanks
• Reduces time in the field Inertial Pump Operation
• Fast, easy operation

VOC Samples
To obtain high quality VOC samples, use approximately 8 ft. of 1/4" diameter
(2.5 m of 6 mm) sample tubing inserted into the riser tube, leaving about
1 ft. (30 cm) protruding. Develop a steady flow of water, and upon ceasing,
the sample tube will continue to act as a gravity flow siphon and produce
undisturbed VOC samples. To collect VOC samples, free of any contact with
the air, Solinst recommends the Model 407 Bladder Pump. (See Solinst
Model 407 Data Sheet.)

Riser Tubing
High density polyethylene (HDPE) tubing is most frequently
used. It is low cost, provides high strength and durability,
and good sampling properties. Available in various sizes,
the tubing comes in coils of 100, 200, or 500 ft. (30, 60, or
150 m). PTFE tubing is also available.

Footvalves consist of a check ball inside the valve body,
and are available in Delrin or stainless steel, in a variety of
sizes from 5/8" to 1" (16 mm to 25 mm) diameters. Tapered
threads enable the footvalve to self-tap onto either end of
the riser tubing.

The Mini Inertial Pump (403 MIP) consists of two stainless
steel inserts and a check ball that are easily installed inside
the 1/4" x 0.17" (6mm x 4.3 mm) tubing.

Flow Rates
Flow rate is a function of the momentum generated in the
tubing. It varies with tubing length, submergence depth of
the footvalve, flexing of the tube, and the rate at which the
tubing is pumped.

• Up to 7.6 L/min (2 gpm) with 5/8" x 1/2" (16 mm x 12.5
mm) tubing

Higher volumes are obtained with the use of electric or
gasoline powered surface pumping mechanisms.

In-line Disposable Filters
High flow, in-line disposable filters have a 0.45 μm
membrane. They have a 650 cm2 filtration area, to
effectively prepare samples for dissolved metals analysis,
or to filter large volumes of turbid groundwater. Each filter
has 3/8" (9.5 mm) hose barb inlet and outlet connections,
as well as a 1/8" NPTM
vent/drain connection.

These filters can also be used with most other Solinst
sampling devices. (See Solinst Model 860 Data Sheet.)

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