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The AquaVent 5 Vented Water Level Datalogger records accurate water level and temperature measurements in shallow groundwater and surface water applications. It combines pressure and temperature sensors, hydrophobic filters and datalogger within a 22 mm x 173 mm (7/8"" x 6.8"") stainless steel housing with corrosion-resistant coating.

The vented cable and Solinst AquaVent 5 logger are protected from moisture by built-in desiccants and hydrophobic filters.

The vented pressure transducer is made of Hastelloy®, making it extremely durable and accurate in a wide range of temperature and monitoring conditions. The sensor provides an accuracy of 0.05% FS, and can withstand 2 times over-pressure without permanent damage.

The robust memory can hold up to 150,000 data sets when programmed in Solinst Levelogger® Software.

AquaVent 5 Applications

• Ideal for shallow applications: up to 65 ft (20 m) submergence
• Aquifer characterization: pumping tests, slug tests, etc.
• Stream gauging, lake and reservoir management
• Watershed, drainage basin and recharge monitoring
• Stormwater and runoff monitoring
• Long-term water level monitoring in wells and surface water

AquaVent 5 Features

• Gauged pressure sensor for highly-accurate water level measurements: 0.05% FS
• Multiple built-in hydrophobic filters and desiccants — no need to replace, reduces maintenance
• Easy-to-access, user-replaceable batteries in Wellhead
• Options for MODBUS (RS-232/RS-485) and SDI-12
• Separate cables for each communication protocol
• Corrosion and abrasion-resistant coating baked-on using polymerization technology

AquaVent 5 Benefits

• Automatic barometric compensation reduces time required for post data processing
• Integrate into a third-party data collection system for remote real-time data
• Continuous, reliable water level data for long-term monitoring projects
• Actual water level readings for instant aquifer test results

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