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SteriWare Funnels are available sterile and non-sterile.

SteriWare is the largest range of single-use equipment for sampling, laboratory and production work on the market. The whole range is made in a cleanroom and comes with class-leading pharmaceutical documentation.

EASY TO USE - Simply unwrap the funnel and use. The funnels come with a side tab so they are easy to hold.

QUALITY - The individually bagged funnels are made from PP that is FDA/EC compliant. The material used is also certified BSE/TSE free. The sterile funnels conform to SAL 10-6

CERTIFICATION - The funnels come with a batch-specific certificate that includes the date of manufacture, expiry date and irradiation certificate (for sterile funnels only)

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide

Part NumberSterileDimensions
SS-8370B-100No100 mm Diameter
SS-8370B-100SYes100 mm Diameter
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Non-Sterilized - Blue SteriWare Funnel. PP
$ 0.00
Pre-Sterilized - Blue SteriWare Funnel. PP
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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