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ChemMAX® 2 is the second level of barrier protection.

ChemMax® 2 is a superior and economical chemical protective suit. The unparalleled strength and softness of ChemMAX® 2' features Dow Saranex® 23P film on two layers of a unique bi-component spunbond nonwoven substrate and provides protection for chemical mixing and handling, environmental clean up, hazardous materials remediation and response, pharmaceutical manufacturing, spray painting and general industry. ChemMAX® 2 is useful in protecting against hazardous chemicals and contaminants found in the work place.


1. ChemMAX® 2 is not flame resistant and should not be used around heat, flame sparks, or in potentially flammable or explosive environments.
2. Garments made of ChemMAX® 2 should have slip resistant or anti-slip materials on the outer surface of boots, shoe covers or other garment surfaces in conditions where slipping could occur.

*Available In Sizes Up To 5XL, Please Call For Pricing*

Part NumberSize
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Small - ChemMAX® 2
$ 0.00
Medium - ChemMAX® 2
$ 0.00
Large - ChemMAX® 2
$ 0.00
X-Large - ChemMAX® 2
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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