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The spring release clip allows the user to exchange the plopper to other available accessories such as our dipperLogs to measure water levels and temperature for short term analysis. The dipper-Tag can also be used with third party accessories, i.e bailers for water sampling. In order to keep this unit cost effective it is only available in one tape length, 500’ or 150m.

Feature and advantages

• Spring Release Clip – forged stainless and chrome plated
• Plopper/Weight– 316 grade stainless steel, 750 grams
• Tape – polyethylene, reinforced with Kevlar – markings in metric (mm) or engineering scale (1/100’)
• Carry Bag – to protect your water level meter from the elements
• Hanger – built in, to support the meter at the well head, allows for hands free deploymenthands free water level measuring
• Tape Guide – built in, to protect the tape from sharp edges on the well casing
• Vinyl Holding Grip – molded to the frame, ergonomic easy grip
• Winding Handle – custom made for easy rewinding with gloved hands

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