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The Dräger EM200-E multi gas detector precisely determines the CO and
NOx content in the undiluted exhaust of Diesel Engines. The EM200-E
combines its robust construction with pressure sensor for use in the
harshest conditions, above or below ground. This multi gas detector
protects individuals and optimizes engine combustion when quick and
easy testing is essential..

Tough and persevering multi gas detector
The Dräger EM200-E has an impact and shock-proof body. Easy
handling and an excellent technology allow precise and fast results of
measurement. The high power battery affords a high operating time of
typically 10 hours.

Measurement of CO- and NOx-content
The multi gas detector is used for precise testing of engines and for the
optimization of engine combustion. The integrated pump provides a fast
response for measurements of CO, NO and NO2. The internal absolute
pressure sensor, which compensates pressure influences, completes the
range of features.

Saved data can be locally documented or transfered to the PC. By means
of a special software data can be also transfered online.

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