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Digital Water Velocity Meter

The Flow Probe is a highly accurate water velocity instrument for measuring flows in open channels and partially filled pipes. The water velocity probe consists of a protected water turbo prop positive displacement sensor coupled with an expandable probe handle ending in a digital readout display. The water flow meter incorporates true velocity averaging for the most accurate flow measurements. The Flow Probe is ideal for storm water runoff studies, sewer flow measurements, measuring flows in rivers and streams, and monitoring velocity in ditches and canals.


• Range: 0.3 - 19.9 fps (0.1 - 6.1 mps)
• 0.1 fps Accuracy
• True digital running average, updated once per second
• Protected Turbo-Prop propeller with electro-magnetic pickup
• Probe: PVC and anodized aluminum with stainless steel water bearing Computer: ABS/Polycarbonate housing with polyester overlay
• Internal lithium battery, approx. 5 year life, non-replaceable
• The Flow Probe is shipped in a padded carrying case

Part NumberLengthWeightCarrying Case
GW-FP1113.7' to 6'2 lbsNot Included
GW-FP111-S3.7' to 6'2 lbsIncluded
GW-FP2115.5' to 15'3 lbsNot Included
GW-FP3112.5' to 5.5'2.8 lbsNot Included


Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
3.7' To 6' Handle - Flow Probe
$ 0.00
3.7' To 6' Handle W/Swivel - Flow Probe
$ 0.00
5.5' To 15' Handle - Flow Probe
$ 0.00
2.5' To 5.5' Handle - Flow Probe
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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