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Reliable and Compact Multi-Function
Centrifuge For Standard Life Science
Separation Applications

Frontier™ 5706 is a small benchtop multi-function centrifuge ideal for a
multitude of spin-down applications. Characterized by reliability, various
safety features, the ability to accommodate test tubes of various sizes
and intuitive operation, Frontier 5706 was built to meet the basic need
for liquid separation in the life sciences.

Standard Features Include:
• Extremely Simple and Intuitive Operation—With an easy-to-turn control
  knob, a large LCD display and the capabilities to set and view both
  speed in rpm and g-force, obtain precise results and enhanced
  functionality from this easy-to-use centrifuge.
• Compatibility with Test Tubes of Various Sizes—Frontier 5706 can
  accommodate all standard tube sizes from 1.5 mL to 50 mL, providing
  centrifugation for a wide variety of applications. It also has a large
  capacity, and can hold six 50 mL tubes and twelve 15 mL tubes during
  one process.
• Several Safety Features that Protect Against Injury—Among Frontier
  5706’s safety attributes are a sturdy mechanical lid with locking system
  and a rotor imbalance sensor that stops the centrifuge if the rotors
  become imbalanced or sudden shock occurs, protecting the operator
  from being injured by the high-speed spinning rotors.

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