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LevelSender remote stations are compact in design, which allows them to be discreetly installed inside a 2" diameter monitoring well or other housing.

Each LevelSender device has a single port to connect one datalogger. An optional splitter provides connections for two dataloggers, allowing you to install a Levelogger and Barologger in the same well.

Along with water level, temperature, conductivity, barometric, or rainfall data, battery level and status updates from the remote LevelSender are received with each data report.

Operation of the LevelSender

Initial setup for each LevelSender device is done using the LevelSender PC Software and a USB connection. The LevelSender is programmed with a sampling rate to collect data from the connected dataloggers, and a report rate to send data to the “Home Station”, and email and SMS recipients.

If more detailed data is desired, the dataloggers can be programmed to record independently in their internal memory. Data is sent as text to each email and SMS recipient.
Data is automatically saved on the Home Station PC in separate files, as well as a dynamically updated database. The database can be accessed using your own applications for posting to a website or other custom setup. Data can also be viewed in the LevelSender Software, or files can be exported for use in other programs.

Advantages of the LevelSender
• Low cost, compact design for discreet installation
• Simple setup, operation and maintenance
• Extensive coverage with cellular communication
• Less need to travel to remote/hazardous locations
• Receive data on your smart device and PC
• Use database to import to your own website or list
• Remotely monitor battery level and status with each report
• Ideal for long-term water level monitoring projects
• Remote schedule changes sent from Home Station Changes to the reporting schedule can be done directly through a USB cable and LevelSender Software. Alternatively, remote schedule changes can be sent to individual LevelSender stations by email from the Home Station, which will update the LevelSender at a next scheduled report.

Features of the LevelSender
• Sized to fit inside a standard 2" well casing
• Connection for up to two dataloggers on each device
• Wireless cellular communications
• Remote data sent via email or SMS messaging
• Both LevelSender and Home Station use dynamic IP
• Database is updated with each new data report
• View and export data using LevelSender Software
• Remote updates via email from Home Station

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