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• High polished stainless steel body and components assures that the pump will not corrode or rust under normal working conditions
• Has been installed in hundreds of remediation sites using pump and treat systems 
• Can also be used with solar panels for long term groundwater remediation
• Runs off a 12 V DC car battery or mobile battery power packs
• Great substitute for Engineered Plastic Pumps 
• Computer engineered bottom debris filter screen allows operation under harsh conditions with higher turbidity
• Can run continuously without the need for a cool down
• Reliable design is suitable for continuous sampling or purging of groundwater wells
• Long lasting, high performance pump motor lasts over 400 hours under normal working conditions 
• Does not require a power booster or controller 
• 1.8" diameter - good for 2" monitoring wells or larger
• 3/8" I.D. LDPE tubing can be used
• Simple to clean and decontaminate


• Single Stage, Centrifugal Pump
• 1.82" Diameter x 7.5" Length
• 80 ft (24.4 m) Maximum Lift Capacity
• Input Voltage: 12 - 15 Volts DC
• Maximum Amp Output: 16 Amps
• High polish stainless steel

***Does not require a Power Booster or Controller***


• 90 ft of heavy duty 10 gauge wire
• 1 motor module & wrench

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Default Title - SS Mini-Monsoon - Proactive 12 V Stainless Steel Pump
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