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Our Thumb Tubes are one of the cheapest disposable liquid samplers on the market. They are an economical way to sample low viscosity liquids.  The Thumb Tube Pipettes are made from HDPE and so are ideal for use with a wide range of chemicals.

Easy to Use - During use the operator's thumb is used to block the tube and so hold the sample in place.  The individually bagged samplers come pre bagged and are ready to use. Simply unwrap and use. No cleaning or cleaning validation is required. 

Quality - Made from high quality HDPE that conforms to the latest food grade, EC and FDA standards. BSE/TSE free. Batch certificates of conformity supplied.

Buy with Confidence - Over 10,000 happy customers worldwide

Part NumberDimensionsCapacitySterileQuantity
SS-5054P-6300 mm L x 6 mm O.D.4 mlNo100/Pack
SS-5054P-8300 mm L x 8 mm O.D.8 mlNo100/Pack
SS-5055A-501000 mm L x 12 mm O.D.60 mlNo50/Pack
SS-5055A-50S1000 mm L x 12 mm O.D.60 mlYes50/Pack
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
4 ml Non-Sterilized - Thumb Tube Pipettes
$ 0.00
8 ml Non-Sterilized - Thumb Tube Pipettes
$ 0.00
60 ml Non-Sterilized - Thumb Tube Pipettes
$ 0.00
60 ml Pre-Sterilized - Thumb Tube Pipettes
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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