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Toray Oxygen analyzer, Model LC-860 series are developed for the application
of controlling and monitoring in Electronic Industry, based on a long experience
with Toray unique zirconium oxide sensing technology. It enables to measure
a very wide range, ppb to % level. It can perform for years with stable, reliable,
precise measurement.

● Measurement Range ppb to 100% level (*1)
● Easy Operation Easy to operate by functional key
● Purge Function More precise measurement is available by more stable
reference gas. (with purge function only)
● High Reliablity Sensor Deterioration-free in the sensor is also available.
● Auto Range It enables to measure from high to low concentration.
● Measurement Alarm Selectable for Normal Open or Closed.
Alarm output for upper/lower limit is selectable.
● Rapid Response Rapid response is realized by bypass out and flow.
● External Driving for Pump Remote ON/OFF is available.
● OCView Software Concentration graph display is available on PC. (Optional)
*1 : 0-1ppm range : However this range is out of warranty (reference value).

Measurement Principles
Toray’s Zirconia Oxygen analyzers determine oxygen concentration using
the conductivity of a zirconia ceramic cell. Ziconia ceramic cell only allows
oxygen ions to pass through at high temperatures. With reference gas on
one side and sample gas on the other, oxygen ions move from the side
with the highest concentration of oxygen to with the lowest concentration.
The movement of ions generates an Electro Motive Force, which can be
measured to determine the oxygen content. And it is accordance with it so
called Nernst Equation.

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Default Title - Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Model LC-860 series Default Title - Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer Model LC-860 series
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