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•  Ideal for purging and sampling 2" diameter monitoring wells up to 200 ft (60 m) deep
•  Optimized to operate with the Standard Flow System up to its maximum effective depth and will operate with the High Flow System up to a depth of 150 ft (45 m)
•  Suitable for use with Low, Standard and High Flow Waterra Pumping Systems
•  Supports the Waterra tubing and also anchors the discharge end of the tubing facilitating sample collection
•  Fully adjustable and will adapt to almost any size casing or protective well casing and can also be used with flush grade well completions
•  Hinged tubing clamp
•  Reduces fatigue that one may experience when required to purge large volumes from wells

*Tubing & footvalves sold separately 

Part NumberDescriptionElectric MotorActuator StrokeRequired Power SourceDimensionsWeight
WA-WHLP-2Hydrolift-2 Pump110V, 6 A
¾ Horsepower (560 Watts)

4" (10 cm)

0-140 cycles/min

1000 Watt Generator15" L x 7" W x 20" H38 lbs
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Hydrolift-2 Pump - Drive Mechanism Hydrolift-2 Tubing Actuator Hydrolift-2 Pump - Drive Mechanism Hydrolift-2 Tubing Actuator
$ 0.00
$ 0.00