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The Combo Core comes ready to use with the plunger in the 5 gram position. Simply lift the plunger and turn it around to collect the 10 gram samples from the same tool.

• One sampling tool collects both 5 and 10 gram samples - no need to order two sizes for different projects
• The Combo Core™ barrel fits easily into a standard 40 ml and 50 ml glass vials for easy sample transfer - no mess, no misses
• Molded from virgin-grade polypropylene, the Combo Core is suitable for collection soil core samples for PFAS analysis

Part NumberModelMinimum Soil Core DiameterPurity TestingMaterialQuantity
EN-COMBO-5-105 g & 10 g Sampler

5 g = 1.0” (25mm)

10 g = 1.68” (43mm)

VOCs by EPA Method 8260
SVOCs by EPA Method 8270
PFAS by EPA Method 537M
Virgin Grade Polypropylene100/Box
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Combo Core™ - Combo Core™ Samplers Combo Core™ - Combo Core™ Samplers
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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