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CSA Traffic Vests

Meets & Exceeds CSA Z96-09
Meets BC WCB, Meets CSST of Quebec and Other Provincial Compliants Vests
Tear Away Design - 5 Point

Features & Benefits
• 4'' DYNA-LITETM Orange/Silver/Orange Glass Bead. CSA compliant reflective material
• CSA compliant hi-visibility Yellow/Green tough wear Polyester MESH material
• Meets CSA Z96-09 and ANSI Class 2 Level 2 requirements
• Horizontal 360 degree stripe around the body plus 2 vertical stripes in front and an ''X'' on the back providing the worker total protection as they move to be seen from all angles
• 5 point tear away Velcro for added protection (tear away shoulders, tear away sides, tear away front)
• 2 inside front pockets and two outside front pockets and D-ring hole on back
• Machine washable
• Available in 5 sizes : S/M, L, XL, 2XL/3XL & 4XL/5XL

Note: DYNA-LITETM & DYNA-BRITETM reflective material exceeds CSA requirement of 330 candela for a higher protection factor.

Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
DY-TSV2OG23/SM - CSA Traffic Vests
$ 0.00
DY-TSV2OG23/L - CSA Traffic Vests
$ 0.00
DY-TSV2OG23/XL - CSA Traffic Vests
$ 0.00
DY-TSV2OG23/23XL - CSA Traffic Vests
$ 0.00
DY-TSV2OG23/45XL - CSA Traffic Vests
$ 0.00
$ 0.00