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Designed for undisturbed samples from very soft and preferably very wet soils with minimal disturbance of soft cohesive layers such as wet clay or peat. Constructed from a long, tapered stainless steel, semi-cylindrical chamber, which is pushed into the soil, twisted and recovered to display a full and virtually undisturbed profile of peaty soil. Sharp cutting edges ensure easy penetration without twisting or turning which could agitate the sample. 

Requires attachment to cross handles or slide hammer for use.

Part NumberModelDimensionsWeight
AM-54545Gouge Auger31.7 mm W x 1016 mm L (1 ¼" x 40")4.30 lbs
AM-53764SST Gouge Auger63.5 mm W x 1016 mm L (2 ½" x 40")10.20 lbs
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
31.7 mm Wide - Gouge Augers
$ 0.00
63.5 mm Wide - Gouge Augers
$ 0.00
$ 0.00