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JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ Ready to Use eco-friendly disinfectant is designed especially to be used as a non-acidic disinfectant spray in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, hotels, and restaurants. It’s also a perfect surface disinfectant for industrial and institutional food processing establishments, kennels, veterinarians, and animal hospitals.

JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ Ready to Use eco-friendly disinfectant is effective for cleaning hard non-porous, inanimate surfaces, such as walls, floors, metal & stainless steel surfaces, porcelain, glazed ceramic tiles, plastic surfaces, bathtubs, shower stalls, and cabinets.

JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner Features

JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ surface disinfectant kills various types of bacteria and viruses, thus reducing the risks of infection.

• Ready to use surface disinfectant - no dilution required. 
• Provides broad spectrum of disinfection within a few minutes 
• Eco-friendly disinfectant - doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals
• Designed especially for cleaning hard non-porous surfaces, such as clinic chairs, counters, etc.

How to Use JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ Eco-Friendly Disinfectants?

JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ eco-friendly disinfectants can help you achieve optimal disinfection with the three-step process-

Apply JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant directly on hard non-porous surface (such as a wall, floor or counter).

Leave the surface for at least 3 minutes to eliminate bacteria and viruses

Use a clean cloth to wipe the surface
When disinfecting heavily soiled surfaces, it's necessary to clean them using a cloth before starting the disinfection process. Apply the disinfectant spray on the surface thoroughly, wait for 10 minutes, and clean using a sponge or cloth.  

JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ Disinfectant /Cleaner:
• Tuberculocide
• Mildew stat
• Bactericidal
• Fungicide
• Virucidal
• Deodorizer

Key Considerations When Choosing an Eco-Friendly Disinfectant
Disinfectants help in killing disease-causing germs and bacteria on high-traffic surfaces. Getting the right disinfectant spray can ensure that your facility is safe and clean for your staff. Here are some key considerations when buying an eco-friendly disinfectant-

Check Kill Claims
Kill claims include bacteria and viruses that a multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant spray can eliminate. The type of germs professional disinfectants and sanitizers can kill depends on their active ingredients, dwell time, and various other factors. So, always ensure that the surface disinfectant you are buying is effective in killing pathogens that are of your concern.

Look For Dwell Time
Dwell time is the amount of time a surface disinfectant spray takes to stay wet in order to eliminate pathogens effectively. Why is this important? Because some institutional spray disinfectants kill bacteria within a few seconds while others take longer to do so. If you are buying a disinfectant spray for cleaning high-touch surfaces, make sure you get one with the shortest dwell time.

Check Disinfectant Safety
Before buying a surface disinfectant, don’t forget to check whether it has toxicity and inflammability ratings in the acceptable limits. Is it compatible with surfaces in your facility? This is because some disinfectants can damage certain surfaces, thus leading to expensive repairs.

It’s important to note that some multi-surface cleaners and disinfectants contain harmful chemicals, which can cause skin and respiration irritation. So, you should carefully check the list of active ingredients before purchasing disinfectants. Prefer buying an eco-friendly disinfectant spray.

Ease of Use
How will the professional disinfectants and sanitizers be used for eliminating the germs from the surfaces? Is it ready to use? If not, what are the steps to disinfect different surfaces? Remember, you are going to use the surface disinfectant many times a day, so make sure it’s available in convenient forms.

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6756598410091 L
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1 L - JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ Ready to Use Disinfectant / Cleaner 1 L - JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ Ready to Use Disinfectant / Cleaner
$9.95 CAD $ 0.00
4 L - JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ Ready to Use Disinfectant / Cleaner 4 L - JANITORI™ ASSASSIN™ Ready to Use Disinfectant / Cleaner
$29.95 CAD $ 0.00
$ 0.00

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