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Four OHAUS Mini Vortex Mixer models for gentle to high-speed reliable mixing. Non-digital model offers variable speed control, and digital model allows input of the exact speed and time to achieve repeatable results every time. Pulsing model features a unique pulse action that reduces heat generation, while providing more effective mixing and cell disruption. Fixed speed model offers simple one-touch, high-speed mixing for repeat applications.

Part NumberModelControlDuty RatingOrbit
OH-30392108VXMNFSFixed SpeedIntermittent0.2 in. (4.9 mm)
OH-30392115VXMNALAnalogIntermittent0.2 in. (4.9 mm)
OH-30392122VXMNDGDigitalIntermittent0.2 in. (4.9 mm)
OH-30392129VXMNPSPulsing/DigitalIntermittent0.1 in. (2.5 mm)
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Fixed Speed - Mini Vortex Mixers Fixed Speed - Mini Vortex Mixers
$ 0.00
Analog - Mini Vortex Mixers Analog - Mini Vortex Mixers
$ 0.00
Digital - Mini Vortex Mixers Digital - Mini Vortex Mixers
$ 0.00
Pulsing/Digital - Mini Vortex Mixers Pulsing/Digital - Mini Vortex Mixers
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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