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Large Diameter or Open Area Applications

Oil Scavenger System is a unique separating and pumping system designed for the recovery of hydrocarbon product from the surface water. The system is portable and is electrically safe for use in hazardous locations. The heart of the Oil Scavenger System is a floating oil/water separator 100 mesh cartridge membrane that consists of an 18.5" diameter product collection chamber assembly and lid which passes recovered oil to a remote pump and control assembly. Actual separation of oil or other hydrocarbons from water is effected by a mesh screen located in the floating buoy assembly. This screen is specially treated to pass oil and repel water.

Shallow and Narrow Well Applications

Model No.: ER-3051101-S

Oil Scavenger System is a portable surface mounted system designed for high rate recovery, up to 4 gpm (14.8 lpm) of free phase hydrocarbon layers for Shallow and Narrow Applications. Oil can be reduced to a measurable layer of approximately 2 inches. It is ideal for wells as small as 2 inches in diameter where the depth to water is less than 20 feet. The system incorporates a highly effective suction lift pump, discriminating level sensor and an explosion-proof control panel for use within hazardous environments.

System Package Comes with:

• Fiber Glass Rugged Weather Proof Field Enclosure, 24" x 24" x 24" H
• 20 ft cable and 12.5 ft input hose
• Tankfull probe with 25 ft of cable
• 20 ft of 3/4" output hose with grounding clip
• Explosion proof panel with 1/4 HP pump/motor, 115/230 V AC
• 25 ft power cord with plug
• Spare parts kit

Part NumberModel
ER-3051101-LLarge Diameter Or Open Area Applications Oil Scavenger™ System
ER-3051101-SShallow & Narrow Well Applications Oil Scavenger™ System
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Large Diameter - Oil Scavenger™ System Large Diameter - Oil Scavenger™ System
$ 0.00
Shallow & Narrow Diameter - Oil Scavenger™ System Shallow & Narrow Diameter - Oil Scavenger™ System
$ 0.00
$ 0.00