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The Oil Bucket™ is an independently floating passive skimmer that is equipped with a visual alarm to indicate when the bucket is full. The heart of the system is a floating cartridge that recovers product for storage in an integral 2 liter reservoir. Actual separation of product from water is carried out by a mesh screen located in the cartridge.


• 16" H x 10"
• 7 lbs weight
• 2 liter capacity
• Polyethylene material with nylon check valves

Part NumberModel
OR-FB100100 Mesh Oleophilic / Hydrophobic Cartridge (Blue)
OR-FB6060 Mesh Oleophilic / Hydrophobic Cartridge (Green)
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
100 Mesh - Oil Bucket™ 100 Mesh - Oil Bucket™
$ 0.00
60 Mesh - Oil Bucket™ 60 Mesh - Oil Bucket™
$ 0.00
$ 0.00