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A. Transpette™ 8 

Channel Transfer Pipettor 
Economical and Disposable 
Now you can perform plate washing, feeding and supernatant collection with one of the most unique pipetting devices available. The Transpette™ pipettor is an inexpensive, disposable, 8-channel transfer pipettor which can deliver and remove liquids from your microwell plates without the use of pipettors and pipette tips. To avoid radiation contamination of your expensive liquid handling devices, discard the Transpette™ transfer pipettor after "hot" radioactive uses. Molded of translucent plastic, the Transpette™ pipetting device holds 600 μl per channel. Available sterile or non-sterilized. Cannot be autoclaved.

B. Disposable Pipetting Reservoir

The pipetting reservoir has a 100 ml capacity for extended multi-channel pipetting into microwell plates, Mini-Tubes, Scienceware® Cube 2ube® Tubes and deep well blocks. This design allows ample clearance for all types of pipettors.

Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Transpette™ Pipettor, Non-Sterile, 25/Bag - Transpette™ 8 & Disposable Pipetting Reservoir
$ 0.00
Disposable Pipetting Reservoir Bulk Packed, Non-Sterile, 50/Box - Transpette™ 8 & Disposable Pipetting Reservoir
$ 0.00
Individually Packed, Radiation Sterilized, 50/Box - Transpette™ 8 & Disposable Pipetting Reservoir
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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