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Shelf Life: 1 year from sterilized date found on your Sterility Confirmation due to the buffer with ambient storage at 36°-86° F (2°-30° C).
Bags are packaged in a foil liner bag to prevent evaporation of the buffer. Buffer contains monopotassium phosphate, sodium thiosulfate, and aryl sulfonate complex.

Kit Contents
1 Whirl-Pak® Speci-Sponge® bag 
1 Whirl-Pak® Speci-Sponge® bag 
2 disposable sterile templates; 1 for meat carcasses (3.9" x 3.9") and 1 for poultry carcasses (1.9" x 3.9")   
25 ml buffered peptone water 
• 25 kits per box.

*Peptone water has an expiration date marked on the box

Operations - Follow USDA instructions
1. Moisten the sponge with half of the peptone water
2. Swab the carcass through the template (in 3 places on meat carcasses and 2 places on turkey)
3. Place the sponge back in the bag
4. Add the rest of the peptone water 
5. Close the bag and send to a lab for testing




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Sampling Kit - Nasco Sampling Meat and Turkey Carcass Sampling Kit
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