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The bags come with an easy closure system along the top

• Made from FDA and EU conforming material

Part NumberModelDimensionsQuantity
SS-8246L-100Sampling Bags100mm x 140mm100/Box
SS-8246L-150Sampling Bags150mm x 230mm100/Box
SS-8246L-200Sampling Bags200mm x 280mm100/Box
SS-8246L-250Sampling Bags250mm x 350mm100/Box
SS-8246L-300Sampling Bags330mm x 460mm100/Box
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
100mm x 140mm - Sampling Bags
$ 0.00
150mm x 230mm - Sampling Bags
$ 0.00
200mm x 280mm - Sampling Bags
$ 0.00
250mm x 350mm - Sampling Bags
$ 0.00
330mm x 460mm - Sampling Bags
$ 0.00
$ 0.00