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These scoops all have an ergonomic handle which is positioned high up the body so as to keep the hand as far away from the powder as possible.

The scoops are designed to be used straight from the bag. The double bagging means that the outer bag can be removed whilst entering the cleanroom, ensuring the cleanliness inside the cleanroom or manufacturing area.

• Made from HDPE - USP Class VI
• USP Class 661, FDA and EC conforming
• BSE/TSE free
• Double bagged
• Made and packed in a cleanroom

Part NumberVolumeSterileQuantity
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
125ml - ULTRA PharmaScoop 125ml - ULTRA PharmaScoop
$ 0.00
250ml - ULTRA PharmaScoop 250ml - ULTRA PharmaScoop
$ 0.00
1000ml - ULTRA PharmaScoop 1000ml - ULTRA PharmaScoop
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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