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VOC Sampling Tubing is available in both HDPE or LDPE, 100 and 500 foot coils with dimensions of 1/4" O.D. x 0.17" I.D. This tubing is suitable for collecting VOC samples from the Inertial Lever Pump (WA-WLP-100) utilizing the recommend technique below: 

After purging a well, approximately 7 feet of the VOC tubing is inserted inside the sampling tube leaving about one foot protruding out the end of the riser. When pumping is stopped the sample tubing will cease to produce water, however the VOC’s tube will continue to flow operating as a siphon, drawing water down the level standing in the tubing. This siphon action can easily be used to collect small samples for volatile analysis as the flow from the narrow tube is steady, laminar and easily directed into a glass vial.

Part NumberModelLength
WA-1/4-HDPE-100HDPE Tubing100 ft
WA-1/4-HDPE-500HDPE Tubing500 ft
WA-1/4-LDPE-100LDPE Tubing100 ft
WA-1/4-LDPE-500LDPE Tubing500 ft
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
100 ft HDPE - VOC Sampling Tubing
$ 0.00
500 ft HDPE - VOC Sampling Tubing
$ 0.00
100 ft LDPE - VOC Sampling Tubing
$ 0.00
500 ft LDPE - VOC Sampling Tubing
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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