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• Cansorb is a fast acting 100% Organic Oil Absorbent
• Picks-up 8 - 12 times its weight in hydrocarbons on land and water
• An approved absorbent for leaks and spills in chemical, automotive, and steel facilities, as well as pulp & paper and food processors
• Used by professional responders for over 30 years.

Part NumberModelQuantity
SPK-LFB5CanSorb Organic Oil Granular Absorbent5 lbs/Bag
SPK-CB20CanSorb Compressed Organic Oil Granular Absorbent20 lbs/Bag
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Regular - CANSORB Granular Regular - CANSORB Granular
$ 0.00
Compressed - CANSORB Granular Compressed - CANSORB Granular
$ 0.00
$ 0.00