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Oil Only Sorbents

These sump skimmers remove oil from water. Simply tie a rope to the skimmer and lower it into your sump, pit, tank, well or bilge. They help prevent odor by eliminating a breeding area for bacteria.


Three sizes available. The 1.5" sock lifts surface oil from monitoring wells. The 3" diameter Sump Skimmer is great for small sumps and bilges, and the 8" diameter is perfect for large tanks and pits.

Part NumberDiameterUsage
NP-SKM4011.5"Lifts Surface Oil From Monitoring Wells
NP-SKM4043"For Small Sumps And Bilges
NP-SKM4038"For Large Tanks And Pits
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
1.5 1.5" Diameter - Skimming Socks
$ 0.00
3 3" Diameter - Skimming Socks
$ 0.00
8 8" Diameter - Skimming Socks
$ 0.00
$ 0.00