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• Air Operated
• Coolant Purifier
• Sludge Filter
• Removes Oil
• Removes Smell
• Reduce Machining Failure Rate Extends Coolants Life
• Reduce the Cost of CNC Mechanical Downtime and Personnel Operations Maintains Liquid Capacity and Reduce Increase of Temperature

Product Features 

• Completely Air Operated 
• With Internal Pump
• Comes with Skimmer and Tubing Speed Adjuster
• On/Off Switch
• Oil/Water Separator
• Internal Enhanced Coalescor Multi-Compartment Separators

Special Features

• Effectively Separates Floating Oils and Scum from the Surface of the Water Tank
• Reduces the Development of Anaerobic Bacteria
• Reduces the Foul Smell Produced by Bacteria 
• Reduces Oil Mist Causing Grease on Machinery and Work Parts
• Reduces Skin Irritation and Allergies
• Reduces Labor Costs in Frequent Cleaning Time  
• Reduces Pump Blockage
• Reduces Suspend Solids
• Reduces Coolant Change Outs
• Reduces the Amount of Waste Oil and Wastewater Treatment
• Improves Machining Accuracy
• Extends Tool life
• Saves Money

Benefit Analysis

Cost savings for coolant change-outs are drastically reduced simply by filtering most contaminants out from it.  CoolSepTM is a stand alone unit that will continuously filter out all the bad stuff that will destroy the quality of your coolant and enhance the quality and life span as well. 

Enhanced Coalescor Media

A unique patented media module that accelerates the separation of oil from water. Suspended solids settle quickly with our  media module allowing for a quick and efficient filtration and separation of your coolant fluid.

Model Specifications

Model: CoolSep™ AS-500
• Filtration Capacity:  125 GPH (480 L/Hr)
• Working Capacity:  3.7 G (14 L) 
• Waste Oil Capacity:  0.4 G (1.5 L)
• Min Air Requirement:  23 PSI (1.6 Bar) 
• Net Weight:  44 lbs (20 Kg)
• Size:  13.75”L x 8.5”W x 22”H
• (350 x 220 x 560mm)

Model:  CoolSep™ AS-1500  
• Filtration Capacity:  400 GPH (1500 L/Hr)
• Working Capacity:  9.25 G (35 L)
• Waste Oil Capacity:  1.2 G (4.5 L) 
• Min Air Requirement:  23 PSI (1.6 Bar) 
• Net Weight:  70 lbs (32 Kg)
• Size:13.75”L x 11”W x 33.5”H 
• (350 x 280 x 850mm)

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