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  • Easy to use Coolant Filtration System without the need to clean out the sump
  • A ShopVac on wheels specifically designed for filtering and recovering cutting fluids
  • Functions like a dialysis system, allowing filtering without stopping any machines
  • Bag Filtration System on wheels with a removable and interchangeable bag filter for finer micron sizes
  • Capable of handling big chips to small grind fines that accumulate at the bottom of the sump
  • Pumps out debris into its bag filter system and returns filtered fluid directly to the sump
  • Extremely simple to use, operable by any maintenance personnel with just the addition of air
  • Works on various fluids including machine coolants, grinding oils, gear-cutting oils, extruding oils, gun drilling oils, and wire drawing fluids
  • Removes tramp oils accumulated on top of the sump, preventing foul smells


Model Specifications

Model: CoolVac™ AS-3000

  • Filtration Maximum Flow Capacity:
  • 80 GPM (300 L/min) Filtration Recovery Capacity: 2.5 G (9 L)
  • Filtration Mesh: SUS Standard Double Mesh 
  • Air Requirement: Up to 150 PSI (10 Bar) 
  • Maximum Air Consumption: 21 cfm (0.6m3/min) 
  • Net Weight: 125 lbs (56 Kg) 
  • Size: 33.25”L x 14.75”W x 31.9”H (845 x 400 x 810mm)
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