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There are 2 versions. A weighted and non-weighted version. The weighted version is better for thicker materials.

They can be either pushed into the liquid or lowered via a rope or wire. The ball valve on the end lets liquid flow through the bailer until the sampler either rests or starts to be lifted.

Part NumberModelLengthDiameterVolumeMaterialQuantity
SS-5040A-1000SteriWare Bailer950mm40mm1000mlHDPE24/Box
SS-5040W-1000SteriWare Bailer with weight950mm40mm1000mlHDPE24/Box
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
SteriWare Bailer - Disposable Bailer SteriWare Bailer - Disposable Bailer
$ 0.00
SteriWare Bailer with weight - Disposable Bailer SteriWare Bailer with weight - Disposable Bailer
$ 0.00
$ 0.00