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The CarboBailer™ is an economical way of collecting and/or sampling hydrocarbons from wells, drums, or tanks. It works by just slowly inserting the bailer into the well and just slowly removing it. As it will be raised from the well, the water will drain out of the bailer while the hydrocarbons will be trapped. The hydrocarbons can be removed by either pouring out from the top or using a bottom-emptying device.

•  Made of clear PVC

Part NumberMaterial WeightDimensionsVolumeQuantity
ER-CAR-P163PVCNon-Weighted1.66" O.D. x 36" L1200 mlEach
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Non-Weighted - ERE's Reusable CarboBailer™ Non-Weighted - ERE's Reusable CarboBailer™
$ 0.00
$ 0.00