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These stainless-steel scoops are made from grade 304 and are polished to a high-quality finish. 

*Note: The Economy Scoop is NOT suitable for GMP applications as there are crevices. For this we recommend our range of Pharma scoops.

Part NumberVolumeLengthDiameterMaterial
SS-A304-120120ml365mm50mm304 stainless steel
SS-A304-450450ml365mm75mm304 stainless steel
SS-A304-10001000ml365mm120mm304 stainless steel
SS-A304-15001500ml365mm120mm304 stainless steel
SS-A304-20002000ml365mm150mm304 stainless steel
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
120ml - Economy Scoops 120ml - Economy Scoops
$ 0.00
450ml - Economy Scoops 450ml - Economy Scoops
$ 0.00
1000ml - Economy Scoops 1000ml - Economy Scoops
$ 0.00
1500ml - Economy Scoops 1500ml - Economy Scoops
$ 0.00
2000ml - Economy Scoops 2000ml - Economy Scoops
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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