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OHAUS Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers are designed with outstanding safety features and superior heating and mixing performance. The SmartHousing™ is chemical resistant with an innovative, easy-to-clean design that channels spills away from internal components and the angled glass control panel. The bright LCD display includes intuitive icons as well as temperature, speed and time settings – all designed to monitor performance from across the lab.

Part NumberModelFunctionCapacityPlate Construction
OH-30500600e-G71HS07CHeating & Stirring15 LCeramic
OH-30500610e-G71HS10CHeating & Stirring18 LCeramic
OH-30500620e-G71HSRDMHeating & Stirring20 LAluminum
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
15 L - Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers
$ 0.00
18 L - Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers
$ 0.00
20 L - Guardian 7000 Hotplate Stirrers
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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