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• Inexpensive datalogger designed to record the tips of a standard tipping-bucket rain gauge
• Compact and durable field unit that offers long-term reliability
• Low maintenance with 10-year battery
• Sampling is event based as the Rainlogger 5 records and saves each tip of the tipping-bucket as it happens
• Single-eye optical for easy cleaning and more reliable, faster communication
• ABS housing provides excellent ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection
• Memory for up to 100, 000-time stamped readings
• Compatible with Solinst Telemetry Systems

• Measuring local precipitation
• Determining peak rainfall events
• Stormwater management
• Remote monitoring of watersheds
• Ideal for correlating precipitation events to:
      - Groundwater and surface water data
      - Watershed and drainage basin studies
      - Agricultural and forestry studies

Part NumberDescription
SO-1146223002 Rainlogger 5 c/w Connection Cable
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Rainlogger 5 - Model 3002 Rainlogger 5 Rainlogger 5 - Model 3002 Rainlogger 5
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