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Most popular where composting & early planting are important, these meters add the versatility of an elctronic sensor which can measure to over 180 degrees. Keeping temperature & moisture in the right range is critical to rapid decompo-sition as well as the prevention of anaerobic activity & in the worst case obnoxious smells.

The T-350 can be used to optimize germination time & protect against threat of frost. Additionally it can help prevent chemical & fertilizer application from being ineffective due to incorrect soil temperature.

• 30" Probe Length
• 40° to 150°F (4.44° to 65.55°C) Temperature Range
• 0 to 100% Moisture Range
• ± 1.5%Meter Accuracy
• 90 days Warranty

Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Default Title - T-350 Temperature & Moisture Meter Default Title - T-350 Temperature & Moisture Meter
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