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These meters add a salinity tracking inductance sensor to the moisture and temperature. Together these help prevent yield loss and poor plant quality. Readings taken in the soil root zone can help track the salt accumulation and determine the need for and effectiveness of leaching. This is extremely important to drip or low flow where leaching is not part of the natural process. Excessive salt buildup will lead to poor quality, lower yield and eventual plant death.

• 30" Probe Length
• 40° to 150°F (4.44° to 65.55°C)
• Salinity Range Up to 2000 μs (microSiemens) 
• 0 to 100% Moisture Range
• ± 1.5% Meter Accuracy
• 90 days Warranty

Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Default Title - EC-350 Moisture, Temperature & Salinity Meter
$ 0.00
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