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BD-Series pin-type moisture meters - ideal meter to measure wood and other building materials, such as concrete, sheetrock, EIFS, roofing, insulation and flooring. Choose from the analog BD-10 meter or the digital BD-2100 meter. Each model offers a scale that measures % MC on wood from 6% - 40% and a reference scale used to measure non-wood materials. The BD-2100 also features the industry exclusive sheetrock scale to measure % MC in sheetrock over the range of 0.2% - 50%.

Part NumberModelCarrying CaseUse
DEL-BD-2100/PKGBD-2100 With 21-E ElectrodeRegularUsed For Insulation
DEL-BD-2100/26/PKGBD-2100 With 26-ES Electrode, (10) 496 PinsDeluxeUsed For Flooring
DEL-BD-2100/EIFS/PKGBD-2100 With 21-E Electrode, (2) BD-608-001 Pins, HP-1 Hole PunchRegularUsed for Insulation & To Make Holes
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
BD-2100 With 21-E Electrode - BD-2100
$ 0.00
BD-2100 With 26-ES Electrode, (10) 496 Pins - BD-2100
$ 0.00
BD-2100 With 21-E Electrode, (2) BD-608-001 Pins, HP-1 Hole Punch - BD-2100
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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