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The 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter is easily adaptable to telemetry/SCADA systems, digital displays and 3rd party data loggers. The 4-20mA provides highly accurate water level measurements for a wide variety of applications. A two wire 4-20mA current loop is used with our pressure transmitter which is the most widely used signal transmission for transducers in industrial environments.

Feature and advantages

• Vented cable provides real time barometric compensation
• Simple two-wire connection
• Output signal is compatible with most telemetry, SCADA and PLC systems
• High noise immunity on long cable runs
• Wide range of supply voltage (7.5VDC-35VDC)
• High accurate water level measurements
• Reverse polarity protected

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Default Title - 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter Default Title - 4-20mA Pressure Transmitter
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