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AD20™ Parts Washing Solvent Characteristics
High Purity: Hydro treating removes sulfur, nitrogen and other impurities, resulting in a cleaner solvent
Low Odor: Due to the removal of impurities and certain aromatic compounds, hydrotreated solvents typically have a less pronounced odor compared to other petroleum-based solvents
Reduced Toxicity: The refining process cam reduce potentially harmful compounds, making the solvent less toxic and safer for various applications
Stability: They generally offer better stability against oxidation, meaning they don't break down as easily when exposed to air
• Versatility: Due to their high purity and stable nature, they're suitable for a wide range of applications, from degreasing to use in paints and coatings
• Environmental Considerations: While they are derived from petroleum, the rigorous refining process ensures a product with fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and potential environmental contaminants
• High Flash Point: Indicates a safer, low-flammability solution, reducing the risk of ignition and fire
• Enhanced Safety: Compared to alternative parts washer fluids, our solvent offers reduced toxicity, making it a healthier choice for workers and the environment
• Eco-Friendlier Choice: Fewer VOCs released, which means less environmental impact
• Versatile Applications: Suitable for diverse tasks, from degreasing to coating solutions

Unique Features
High Flash Point: Demonstrates low flammability, enhancing workplace safety 
Reduced Toxicity: A safer alternative to conventional parts washer fluids
High Purity & Low Odor: Ensures a pleasant working environment
Eco-Friendly: Less environmental impact with fewer VOCs

Cleaning Performance
Deep Clean: The hydrotreated AD20™ Parts Washing Solvent penetrates grime, grease, and contaminants for a thorough clean
High Purity: Due to its refined nature, it can offer consistent cleaning results without leaving residues
Efficient Action: Reduces the need for repeated cleaning, saving both time and resources

Safety For Metals
Broad Compatibility: Designed to be safe for use on a wide variety of metals, from common ones like steel and aluminum, to more specialized metals
Non-Corrosive: Unlike some aggressive cleaners, AD20™ Part Washing maintains the integrity of metal parts, avoiding corrosion or tarnishing
Preserves Functionality: Not only cleans but ensures the longevity and proper function of metal parts

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
10513-3.6LAD20™ Parts Washer Purple Label4 L
10513-20LAD20™ Parts Washer Purple Label20 L
10513-204LAD20™ Parts Washer Purple Label204 L
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
4 L - AD20™ Parts Washer Purple Label 4 L - AD20™ Parts Washer Purple Label
$ 0.00
20 L - AD20™ Parts Washer Purple Label 20 L - AD20™ Parts Washer Purple Label
$ 0.00
204 L - AD20™ Parts Washer Purple Label 204 L - AD20™ Parts Washer Purple Label
$ 0.00
$ 0.00