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AquaKem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty is a powerful industrial descaling solution designed to remove stubborn scale deposits from machinery, pipelines, and equipment in industrial settings.

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
10514-20Aquakem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty20L
10514-204Aquakem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty204L

Key Features
• Industrial Strength Descaling: With a potent formulation containing Phosphoric Acid, AquaKem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty delivers unmatched descaling power to dissolve even the most stubborn scale deposits
• Versatile Application: From industrial machinery and equipment to pipelines and heat exchangers, AquaKem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty offers versatile descaling solutions for various industrial applications
• Enhanced Cleaning Performance: Our advanced surfactant blend, including natural surfactants, ensures thorough cleaning and removal of scale deposits, restoring equipment efficiency and prolonging operational lifespan

Manufacturing Facilities: Maintain peak performance and efficiency in industrial machinery, boilers, cooling towers and air scrubbers with AquaKem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty's industrial-strength descaling capabilities
• Petrochemical Plants: Safeguard equipment integrity and optimize process efficiency by eliminating scale buildup in pipelines, heat exchangers, and processing equipment
• Food and Beverage Processing: Ensure compliance with hygiene standards and prevent contamination risks by effectively descaling processing equipment and sanitation systems

Safety and Compliance:
• Rigorous Testing: AquaKem™ DECAL™ Heavy Duty undergoes comprehensive testing to meet stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring safe handling and usage in industrial environments
• Regulatory Compliance: Our product complies with all relevant regulations and standards for industrial descaling products, providing peace of mind to industrial operators

Get Started:
• Ready to experience the superior descaling performance of AquaKem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty in your industrial facility? Follow the provided dilution instructions and safety precautions to optimize equipment maintenance and prolong operational lifespan

Aquakem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty Dilution Ratio
1. Full Strength: Use AquaKem™ DECAL™ Heavy Duty without dilution for maximum descaling power.
2. 1:10 Dilution Ratio: Mix 1 part AquaKem™ DECAL™ Heavy Duty with 10 parts water for general descaling applications.
3. 1:5 Dilution Ratio: Combine 1 part AquaKem™ DECAL™ Heavy Duty with 5 parts water for tougher scale deposits.
4. 1:20 Dilution Ratio: Dilute 1 part AquaKem™ DECAL™ Heavy Duty with 20 parts water for lighter scale buildup or maintenance cleaning.
5. 1:30 Dilution Ratio: Mix 1 part AquaKem™ DECAL™ Heavy Duty with 30 parts water for routine maintenance or preventive descaling.

Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
20L - AquaKem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty 20L - AquaKem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty
$ 0.00
204L - AquaKem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty 204L - AquaKem™ Decal™ Heavy Duty
$ 0.00
$ 0.00