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AD20™ is a powerful water-based formula that quickly and safely penetrates and removes grease, oil, and carbon build up. Designed to cling to surfaces, actually unlocking grease and oils so you can easily rinse with water, leaving a residue-free surface. Aquakem™ AD20™ Degreasers are used for floor wash downs, parts washing, general purpose cleaning, metal preparation, kitchen degreasing and many more applications.

AD20™ Characteristics
• Water-Based Solution: Formulated for superior penetration and residue-free cleaning
Surface-Adherent: Designed to stick to surfaces, ensuring an even and thorough cleaning process
Deep Penetration: The product has a formulation that allows it to seep deep into surfaces, ensuring thorough cleaning
Versatility: Can be used on various surfaces like metal, tile, etc., ,making it suitable for diverse applications
• Safety: Designed for industrial settings, its a non-hazardous to equipment, workers and the surrounding environment
• Fast-Acting: The product acts quickly, saving time during cleaning processes
• Residue-Free: After application, it leaves surfaces free of sticky or harmful residues
• Concentrated Formula: A little product might go a long way, leading to cost savings in the long run
• Biodegradable: The formula breaks down naturally, ensuring no long-term environmental impact
• Pleasant Aroma: Unlike many industrial cleaners it might have a mild and pleasant scent, improving the user experience.
• User-Friendly: Easy to apply without the need for specialized training or equipment, just spray, let set and wash out

Unique Features
Micro Emulsion Technology: At its core, AD20™ utilizes innovative micro emulsion technology to break down grease into micelles. This not only ensures deeper penetration but also facilitates swift and effective removal of oily substances
Designed For Water Treatment: Unlike many alkaline degreasers, AD20™ is formulated with water treatment in mind. After cleaning, AD20™ ensures easy oil-water separation. It emulsifies for efficient cleaning but importantly, it doesn't remain in this state. This allows oils to rinse for easy capture, ensuring your sewer discharge remains within acceptable limits.
Unlock & Rinse Mechanism: More than just cleaning, AD20™ breaks the bond between contaminants and surfaces for hassle-free rinsing.
• Eco-Conscious Excellence: Powerful cleaning shouldn't come at the planet's expense. With AD20™, you get industrial-strength degreasing without the environmental compromise

Cleaning Performance
Superior Degreasing: Empowered by micro emulsion, it tackles even the most stubborn grease and oils, leaving surfaces immaculate
Versatile Application: From intricate machinery components to expansive industrial surfaces, AD20™ is the solution for all degreasing challenges
No Residue Left Behind: Post-rinse, surfaces are not just clean but also free from any residue, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics

Eco-Friendly Formulation: Designed with environmentally-friendly ingredients that are not just good for the earth but also generally less harmful to users than traditional harsh chemicals.
Non-Toxic: AD20™ does not contain any toxic components, ensuring safety for those applying the product and those in its vicinity. Always follow recommended usage guidelines to ensure safe application
Gentle Touch, Strong Action: While AD20™ delivers robust cleaning, its formula is intended to be kinder on most surfaces. Always test on a small area first to ensure compatibility.
Safe for Multiple Surfaces: Whether it's metal, tile, or other industrial surfaces, the product is tailored to be gentle on materials while tough on stains.
• Biodegradable: The breakdown of the product is natural, ensuring it doesn't leave harmful residues in the environment.

Application Technique
Spray AD20™ directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Allow the product to penetrate. For tougher applications, use with a brush, fibre pad or towel and rub AD20™ into the surface. Rinse or wipe to leave a clean, residue-free surface. Reapply if needed.

• No Harmful Alkalines
• No Acids
• No Phosphates 
• No Butyls
• No Chlorides
• No Caustics
• No Chlorofluorocarbons

Part NumberDescriptionQuantity
10510-1LAD20 Degreaser Red Label1 L
10510-3.6LAD20 Degreaser Red Label3.6 L
10510-20LAD20 Degreaser Red Label20 L
10510-204LAD20 Degreaser Red Label204 L
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
1 L - AD20™ Degreaser Red Label 1 L - AD20™ Degreaser Red Label
$9.95 CAD $ 0.00
4 L - AD20™ Degreaser Red Label 4 L - AD20™ Degreaser Red Label
$24.95 CAD $ 0.00
20 L - AD20™ Degreaser Red Label 20 L - AD20™ Degreaser Red Label
$124.95 CAD $ 0.00
204 L - AD20™ Degreaser Red Label 204 L - AD20™ Degreaser Red Label
$ 0.00
$ 0.00