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Gas Vapor Dedicated Points are now used around the world for monitoring remediation of hydrocarbon spills, tank & pipe leakage, landfills, & at hazardous waste sites. Soil gas monitoring with the Gas Vapor Dedicated Point is easily accomplished. The unique design of the dedicated stainless steel vapor point, with a Teflon umbrella & optional screen to prevent soil from clogging the vapor inlet holes, or for groundwater sampling, ensures a representative sample time after time. Teflon tubing is used to transfer the sample to the surface. The Gas Vapor Probe is normally supplied as a complete system kit form with all the items needed to efficiently install the dedicated points in most penetrable soils.

Part NumberModelWeight
AM-211.00Tip & Umbrella0.05 lbs
AM-212.00Fluoropolymer Umbrella0.02 lbs
AM-212.05GVP Screen #50 Mesh0.01 lbs
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Tip & Umbrella - Dedicated Gas Vapor Tips
$ 0.00
Fluoropolymer Umbrella - Dedicated Gas Vapor Tips
$ 0.00
GVP Screen #50 Mesh - Dedicated Gas Vapor Tips
$ 0.00
$ 0.00