Bootstrap Example

It is specially designed to take a core sampler through the material. It has a sharp cutting edge to help take the sample. The robust stainless steel sampler is easy to use. The handles are fully welded to the sampler body for extra strength.

An ejection rod is available as an option to help empty the sampler.

1. Rotate the handle as the sampler is pushed into the product. The sharp edge will cut into the product and the sample core will be deposited in the tube.
2. Push the Discharge Rod down the Ice Borer to remove the sample. 

Part NumberModelLengthMaterial
SS-6005A-500Ice Borer500mm316L stainless steel
SS-6005A-1000Ice Borer1000mm316L stainless steel
SS-8570A-700Sample Ejection Rod700mm316L stainless steel
SS-8570A-1100Sample Ejection Rod1100mm316L stainless steel
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
Ice Borer - 500mm - Ice Borer
$ 0.00
Ice Borer - 1000mm - Ice Borer
$ 0.00
Sample Ejection Rod - 700mm - Ice Borer
$ 0.00
Sample Ejection Rod - 1100mm - Ice Borer
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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