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The Ice Sampler is equipped with a sharp cutting edge to help it dig into the product and carve the ice into the sample cap. Rotating the sampler takes the sample.


1. Attach the end cap to the sampler.
2. Push onto the ice and rotate hard.
3. The rotation movement will cut the ice and push it into the cap.
4. After sampling remove sampler and cap to empty.

Part NumberLengthNeck DiameterVolumeMaterial
SS-6000A-300300mm40mm50ml316L stainless steel
SS-6000A-550550mm40mm50ml316L stainless steel
SS-6000A-10501050mm40mm50ml316L stainless steel
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
300mm - Ice Sampler 300mm - Ice Sampler
$ 0.00
550mm - Ice Sampler 550mm - Ice Sampler
$ 0.00
1050mm - Ice Sampler 1050mm - Ice Sampler
$ 0.00
$ 0.00

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