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Mini Systems for Oil, Water & Coolant Separation!

OlioSep-Mini™ System will filter particulates down to 25 μ in size followed by a separator to separate the lighter oils from water. The dissolved phase will then proceed into ERE's special high capacity UltraSorber™ Media Filtration Unit.


• Max Flow Rate: 0.5 gpm
• 115V/1/60
• Stainless Steel 304 Construction
• Mounted on a stand with wheels for easy transportation

Comes with the following:

• Quite Positive Displacement Pump
• Particulate Filter Housing with Gauge
• OlioSkim™, Floating Skimmer with 25' Attachment Hose
• Latching Level Switches for Effluent Transfer Pump
• High/High Level Alarm Switch built into the OlioSep Separator
• High Alarm Switch for the Oil Recovery Tank
• Control Panel

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