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Use BIIO™ for Cleanup of Hydrocarbon!

Concentrated Biological Hydrocarbon Digestant Specifically Designed for Soil & Water Treatment.

BIIO™ Remediation Bacteria is a live synergistic blend of all-natural bacteria classified as BioSafety Level 1 organisms, specifically chosen for their accelerated ability to metabolize hydrocarbon products such as:
• Unrefined and Refined Hydrocarbons
• Gasoline
• Jet Fuel
• Diesel
• Furnace Fuel
• Mineral, Oil & Greases
• Aromatic Compounds

Features & Benefits
• For use in soil, water (salt, brine & fresh)
• Degrades hydrocarbons into CO2 and H2O
• Degrades Petroleum in soil and water
• Digests hydrocarbons
• Digests short and long chain hydrocarbons
• Reduces TPH and BTEX
• Safe, natural & biodegradable
• Naturally Occurring (natural bacteria, endemic to the earth, not genetically engineered)
• Non-Pathogenic (does not cause disease)
• Non-Opportunistic (will not cause disease in a compromised host)

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