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The all-new OXY-D-FUSE™ is a special formulation of calcium peroxide in a porous cell. It can be installed in either 2" (OXY-D-FUSE™2) or 4" wells (OXY-D-FUSE™4) or larger. The tubes are easily replaceable and are used to enhance aerobic bioremediation of groundwater or soil, and may act as infiltration barriers to prevent contaminant migration. This is achieved through extended release of oxygen required by aerobic microorganisms to break down hydrocarbons, including BTEX, MTBE, TPH, PAH and others. The calcium peroxide provides a slow and extended oxygen release profile, and a high active oxygen concentration of 17.3% or higher. Field studies have found that on site conditions, oxygen can be released for up to a year.

Part NumberModelDimensionsMinimum Weight Of Product/Tube
OXYD-1802OXY-D-FUSE-21.6" Dia. x 17.5" L1 lb
OXYD-1804OXY-D-FUSE-43.5" Dia. x 20" L6.6 lb
Model Item Quantity Unit Price Line Total
OXY-D-FUSE-2 - OxyDfuse™ Oxygen Diffusion Cells
$ 0.00
OXY-D-FUSE-4 - OxyDfuse™ Oxygen Diffusion Cells
$ 0.00
$ 0.00