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Deliver More Oxygen at your Sites with Oxy-Clean™ Formulas!

Calcium Peroxide for Groundwater and Soil Remediation

Oxy-Clean Advanced™ - 18SR is best used to carry out enhanced aerobic bioremediation of either groundwater or soil. This is achieved through extended release of oxygen required by aerobic microorganisms, especially for the treatment of BTEX, MTBE, TPH, PAH, Phenol and Cresol, Heavy Metal Oxidation, High Explosives, Non Halogenated Compounds, Halogenated Compounds.

Oxy-Clean Advanced™ - 18SR is a fine, very pale yellow, odourless powder that contains primarily calcium peroxide. The rate of gaseous oxygen generation is influenced by the physical and chemical properties of the surrounding medium such as pH, and temperature. Oxy-Clean Advanced™ - 18SR has more active oxygen with typically 17.3%, it also has a very slow solubility in water which allows the product to release its oxygen for many months.

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Default Title - OxyClean Advanced™ 18SR Slow Releasing Oxygen Default Title - OxyClean Advanced™ 18SR Slow Releasing Oxygen
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