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Deliver More Oxygen at your Sites with Oxy-Clean™ Formulas!

Sodium Percarbonate for Environmental Cleanup

Oxy-Clean Advanced™ - 14FR, a source of hydrogen peroxide, is capable of oxidizing and enhancing aerobic bioremediation of environmental contaminants with an activated form of oxygen. Oxy-Clean Advanced™ - 14FR is made of uniform spherical granules that contain 13% available oxygen, equivalent to 28% hydrogen peroxide. This decomposes to oxygen, water and sodium carbonate - making it a very safe treatment chemical, especially when the remediation site is close to residential or commercial activities. It is dry and dust-free, making it easy to handle on site.

Oxy-Clean Advanced™ - 14FR can be used for soil remediation, ponds and lagoons, treatment of sludges in pond closings, oil and gas treatment, dechlorination and municipal sewage treatment - control of odour, grease and corrosion especially for the treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons, sulfides, disulfides, mercaptans, phenols, organic amines and aldehydes.

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Default Title - OxyClean Advanced™ 14FR Fast Releasing Oxygen Default Title - OxyClean Advanced™ 14FR Fast Releasing Oxygen
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